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Our Estates Strategy

We initially set out or Estates Strategy in 2016 and it has been our vision for our estate to be an ‘enabler’ of clinical service improvements.

Our estate has been a driver and enabler of service integration, breaking down barriers between health and care agencies, firing the imagination, and challenging traditions.

Key Facts

  • Over 30% of Trust occupied properties would meet the assessment criteria to vacate.
  • In discussions with services, an additional 15% of buildings could be exited with no detrimental effect on care. Commissioner plans are often a factor in a plan not progressing
  • 26 properties were identified for prioritised action during 2016/17 using our assessment matrix. This has led to 9 disposals or part moves, 14 are in train for disposal and 2 are subject to on-going improvement plans. 1 is part of a tender.
  • The average occupancy level of our buildings is just 54%.

You can view the Estates Strategy 2016-2020 here.